Madletiks – Pioneers in Sports Events in Malta & Gozo

Madletiks is one of the first companies in Malta to be set-up exclusively to market the destinations of Malta, Gozo and Comino for international sports activities. The mission of the company is to attract sports events to the Maltese archipelago in order to leave a legacy not only with regards sports, but also in tourism and the socio-economical aspect of the islands. The aim is that Madletiks ltd attracts to the destination numerous sporting events becomes that become a Hallmark, meaning events that becomes automatically associated with our destination.


In addition to the international sport events, our business plan is also based on organising focused training camps leading to particular sport events. International trainers, expert not only in the sport disciplines (such as swimming, cycling and running) but also in nutrition, phycology and conditioning will be flown to Malta to deliver training camps to interested individuals.

The event licence in hand by the mother company, Petite Events, gives us also the opportunity to offer hospitality services to the athletes and spectators visiting our islands to participate or attend any sport events taking place in Malta.